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Pink Jasmine Wax Melt Pack

Pink Jasmine Wax Melt Pack

A sensual floral fragrance revealing top notes of bergamot and pomegranate, leading to a full blooming heart of peony, orchid, jasmine and plum. On dry down, the base consists of musk, precious woods, amber and dry flowers.

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The important info

About our Waxmelts

Signature Scents



Calm is our original signature scent, blended and perfected exclusively by The One Co Cheshire.

Calm is designed with your wellbeing in mind. Made with 100% essential oils, it's blended with notes of lavender, ylang ylang and patchouli. Tailored to you and your busy life, Calm aims to help you relax, ease your anxiety and spread a sense of calm and tranquillity in your home.

Calm was our very first scent, made originally by our founder during her pregnancy - when she just couldn't get that cosy night's sleep that she needed! It really helped, and we thought it might be able to help others. Calm is really close to our hearts, and we hope you’ll love it too.

Read more about Calm

Seasonal Scents

Here at The One Co Cheshire, we have three Signature Scents available all year round: Calm, Solace and Happiness. But we also have various, limited edition, seasonal scents which we release at different times throughout the year. 

Each fragrance is fully CLP-certified and will give you a gorgeously-scented home, befitting the season.

Christmas Scents

Snowy Splendour

Cool and revitalising, this fragrance captures the crispness of a snow laden scene with the crispness of eucalyptus, mint and fresh orange enhanced by cool ozonic nuances. All of this reaches into a refreshing, delicate floral heart of lily, hyacinth, orchid, rose and cassis while the sumptuous fond of cedarwood, amber and hints of musk close the fragrance.

Mulled Pear & Cranberry

Raise a glass with this sparkling, fruity medley unfolding with a dash of lime, warmed by hints of mulled pear and a touch of cranberry. The fragrance continues to flourish over a heart of alcoholic nuances while the sensuous fond of musk, amber and subtle hints of vanilla complete the fragrance.

Festive Fig

This fruity festive accord opens with succulent nuances of fig while the heart is a captivating fusion of bayberry and snowberry, enlivened by peppery hints. All of this is embraced by the fond of cedarwood, raspberry and sultana, warmed by aromatic nuances.

Winter Honeysuckle

This luscious, winter floral fragrance gently unfolds with subtle citrus nuances of mandarin and lemon, enhanced by succulent winter berries. The fragrance comes into full bloom through floral and elderflower while the sensuous fond of sandalwood, amber, vanilla and musk completes the fragrance.

Christmas Tree

A warm spicy Christmas fragrance with top notes of pine needles supported by a middle note of clove, cinnamon and pimento resting on a base of fir balsam and precious woods.

Christmas Morning

Capture the spirit of the season with this inviting feel good accord. The fragrance unfolds with a zesty, uplifting fusion of citrus, orange and lemon while the heart of jasmine and fresh pine is embraced by the warmth of cinnamon, clove and ginger. All of this gently descends onto a sensuous fond of woods and musk.


Autumn Scents

Velvet Rose and Oud

A  decadent, rich and textural scent wrapped with smoky oud wood. Spiked with clove and praline, this aroma embodies the feeling of walking into a hotel lobby. 

Cosy Cabin

A sumptuous woody & smoky medley comprising of sweet cedarwood, smooth sandalwood and earthy patchouli enlivened by touches of musk, vanilla and incense.

Twilight Woods

This scent Captures the mysterious allure of moonlit woods, this rich oriental fragrance opens with a rush of bergamot, orange and lemon, enhanced by nuances of fresh lavender. The complex heart unveils nuances of olive flower, guaicwood and cedar, resting on a sophisticated fond of musk, amber, tonka and vanilla.

Cedarwood and Vanilla

A musky and earthy fragrance, with gentle notes of vanilla over a comforting Cedarwood base. Sweet and soft, this is the perfect scent with which to relax and unwind.

Golden Berries

The fragrance opens with sparkling notes of orange, cassis and a crisp green accord. The heart of apple, golden berries and raspberry is given the warmth through a festive blend of saffron, clove and frankincense. The fond of guaiacwood, ripe plum, soft musk, warm patchouli and amber completes the fragrance.

Toasted Marshmallow

This nostalgic scent is a mouthwatering combination of soft marshmallow with notes of creamy strawberry and vanilla. 

Pumpkin Spice

A seasonal favourite, that sees its return year after year is a spicy fruity blend with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, apple and a touch of plum followed by creamy vanilla.



All of The One Co Cheshire Waxmelts and Candles are hand-poured using 100% environmentally-friendly, natural wax.

Each Waxmelt is infused with vegan friendly and paraben free fragence oils.

Our wax melts are beautifully packaged in 100% biodegradable packaging, including the labels.

Weight and Burn Time

You'll receive a 50g wax melt pack with 4 segments, each segment has around 15 hours burn time.