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One jar, a lifetime of scents.

Making Refillable Candles The New Normal

We're one of the first in the UK to bring you Refillable Candles and we're on a mission to reduce the negative impact the UK candle industy has on the enviroment.

Did you know that most UK councils won't recycle your glass candle jars?

This is due to the fact that candles jars are heat treated and made from borosilicate glass. Meaning they must be put in your general waste bin!

We're here to change that.

With us ONE jar lasts a lifetime, reducing the amount of candle jars ending in landfill.

Melt & Pour Refills

new for 2024

These refill kits have been designed to tackle the issue of empty candle jars making their way to landfill. You can now refill and reuse your existing candle jars that our current solid candle refills don't fit in. 

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How it works

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    your jar

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    your scent

  • Enjoy

    your candle

  • Clean

    and refill

Refillable Candle Reviews

  • "Where have you been all my life? I am an avid candle lover and have always hated the fact that when the candle is done I am left with numerous jars as I am an avid recycler and there's only so many pen pots, make up brush pots etc that i can use. The jar-less refills are just genius as I have already put some into my existing spare jars as well as using the empty ones I bought. So far only used Calm and I am in love!!" -Gloria

  • "I joined the subscription candle scheme with no previous experience of the brand but loved the concept, and I have to say I’m super impressed! The burn of the candle is so clean and the first refill I’ve received smells amazing! Even my husband (who is against my constant buying of candles!) is impressed! Already looking forward to the next one next month." -Sarah

  • "Great idea for refills and subscriptions, products smell amazing" -CS

    "Beautiful candle refill delivered every month, well packaged and smells amazing!" -Sally

    "Fantastic candles that smell amazing. Love getting my monthly subscription" -Zoe

    "Absolutely love this concept of refillable candles. Also having a subscription which works out cheaper. Lovely business, exceptional customer service" -Mel

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Don't forget the Waxmelts

We also offer fantastic Waxmelt Letterbox Subscriptions. Three different, beautifully scented, waxmelt snap bars for just £12 per month.

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Calm Sleep Spray

Find out more about the product that kick started our small busness back in 2019 and is ironically our best selling item. Who would of thought, a refillable candle company who's best selling product isn't a candle.

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Our Signature Scent


Calm is our original Signature Scent, designed with your wellbeing in mind. 

Made with 100% essential oils, it’s tailored to you and your busy life, aiming to help you relax, ease your anxiety and spread a sense of calm and tranquility in your home.

Find out more about Calm