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Citronella Candle Refill

Citronella Candle Refill

Our outdoor Citronella candle refills are back for the summer. 

this refill is designed to keep those bugs away and elevate your alfresco dining experience. 

This candle refill is designed to keep pesky bugs at bay made with 100% essential Citronella oil , our outdoor candle refill will provide protection so you can enjoy the great outdoors without interruption. Refill your existing candle holder and have peace of mind because with one jar lasts a lifetime, in or outdoors. 


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The important info

About our Candles


All of The Refillable Candle Company Candle Refills are hand-poured in our Cheshire workshop using 100% natural wax, a blend of Rapeseed & Coconut.

Each Candle Refills is infused with one of our exclusive essential oil Signature Scents, or one of our limited edition Seasonal Scents

Candles and Candle Refills include a lead free cotton wick.

Our Refillable Candle Jars are high quality, moulded, Italian-made, glass.


Refillable Candles and Jars

Each Refillable Candle is 220g.

Height: 9cm, Diameter: 8cm, Circumference: 25cm.

Candle Refills

Each Candle Refill is approx 200g.

Height: 6cm, Diameter: 7cm, Circumference: 23cm.

*As every candle is made by hand, all weights and sizes are approximate.

Our Candle Refills fit both our Refillable Candle jars, and our old-style Geo Candle jars, but they may also fit other jars you have lying around or tucked away at the back of the cupboard!

Burn time

Refillable Candles and Candle Refills have a burn time of up to 50 hours.

How To Refill Your Candle Jar

Clean it:

Clean any old wax from your empty jar using warm water and a little soap, and un-stick the old wick from the bottom. Make sure it's completely clean and dry.

Stick it:

Gently unwrap your Candle Refill. On the bottom is a 'Stickum' to keep your candle secure. Peel off the cover to reveal the sticky bit.

Drop it:

Simply drop the candle into the jar and push down to stick it to the bottom.

Light it:

Light the candle carefully, and remember the first burn is the most important! Give it 2-4 hours to ensure an even melt pool across the top, use an extinguisher (don't blow it out!), and always trim your wick before lighting again.

Candle Care

The first burn

Is the most important! Give it 2-4 hours to ensure an even melt pool across the top.

Trim your wick

Trim to about 5-10mm before every use, this is to avoid excessive flaming and sooting.

Keep it clean

Before lighting make sure there is no dust, matches or old bits of wick on or in the wax.

Keep it flat and still

Place it on an even surface, away from draughts, and don't move it whilst it's lit or still hot.

Don't leave it burning

Never leave it lit whilst unattended or asleep, and don't burn for more than 4 hrs at a time.

Avoid little ones

Keep your candle away from children and pets.

Don't be a firestarter

Keep it away from flammable materials, clothes and hair - don't lean over it when lit.

Never blow, snuff!

Use a snuffer or similar utensil to extinguish the candle and avoid wax splatter.

Save your jar

And order a Candle Refill - pop it into your jar, and it's a brand new candle!