About us and our history

The One Co Cheshire is a luxury, women-owned, home fragrance and lifestyle brand. We specialise in unique scents, waxmelts, diffusers, sprays, candles, carpet powders, bath bombs, bubble scoops, bath salts, bubble bath and more.

Our aim is to promote wellbeing and self-care for all.

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The beginning

In 2019, with the chaos and stress of working and family life, we were craving some balance and harmony. So we started creating scents in our kitchen at home. They worked so well for our wellbeing that we decided to see if our scents could help others, so The One Co Cheshire was born.

We're so glad so many of you love what we do, thank you!

Caring for the environment

We’re committed to running an ethical and environmentally-friendly business.

We have fantastic candle refills: saving unloved and unused candle jars from a life in the back of the cupboard or the bottom of the bin!

And we pack our parcels with a variety of different materials, including recycled cardboard and dissoluble corn starch 'peanuts' (pop these in your sink, run the water and watch them dissolve like magic!). 

Contact us

Need to speak to us? Email: info@theoneco.co.uk

Postal address: Unit 16, Road 2, Cosgrove Business Park, Northwich, Cheshire CW9 6FY